Video Production Portfolio

I do more than just voiceover! Here’s a sampling of my video production work.

A well-loved promotion for a community theatre production of The Addams Family: the Musical from October 2018
I wrote and produced this promotional video for Midland Center for the Arts' modern-day rendition of A Christmas Carol in December 2018
Advertisement produced for Reder Landscaping/Integrity EDGE Advertising
I designed the projections that served as the backdrop for Saginaw Valley State University's February 2019 production of "Curious Incident". This sequence was one single animation timed out to the actor's delivery after he says "Start the clock."
Short promo created for a staging of "A Muse of Fire", a collection of Shakespearean scenes and soliloquies.
For live broadcasts of Saginaw Spirit hockey home games, I am responsible for designing and updating a majority of the on-screen graphics, as well as operating the multi-camera switcher during the program. I also edited the intro video.
15-second promo for Beauty and the Beast at Midland Center for the Arts from March/April 2017
An advertisement I produced for Lakeside Motor Sports/Integrity EDGE Advertising. Product footage provided by Can Am.
Sometimes I get to do both video AND voiceover! Here's my VO in a promo I edited from concert footage provided by the band's promoters.